Spur Gear

Spur gears are the simplest and probably most common type of gear. Their general form is a cylinder or disk. The teeth project radially, and with these "straight-cut gears", the leading edges of the teeth are aligned parallel to the axis of rotation. These gears can only mesh correctly if they are fitted to parallel axle We manufacture durable and highly efficient Spur Gears upto 150 mm OD & 3.5 module in steel. These are used in Gear Boxes used in Machine Tools, material handling equipment, Gear Pumps etc.

Spur Gear

They connect parallel shafts, have involute teeth that are parallel to the shaft and can have internal or external teeth. They cause no external thrust between gears. They are inexpensive to manufacture and give lower but satisfactory performance. They are used when shaft rotates in the same plane. The main features of spur gears are dedendum, addendum, flank, and fillet. Dedendum cylinder is a root from where teeth extend, it extends to the tip called the addendum circle.

Gears for all applications can be produced to customers' design.


Types of Spur Gears:

Dive into the diverse universe of spur gears. External spur gears, with their conventional design, dominate the industrial landscape. Internal spur gears find their niche in specialized applications, while rack and pinion gears are the go-to solutions for linear motion systems.

External Spur Gears:

    • Automotive Transmissions:
      External spur gears are widely used in automotive transmissions, where their simplicity and efficiency make them ideal for transmitting power between shafts. They play a key role in determining the speed and torque of the vehicle.
  • Industrial Machinery:
    In various industrial machinery, such as conveyor systems, external spur gears are employed to transfer rotational motion between parallel shafts. Their robust design and ease of manufacturing make them suitable for heavy-duty applications.


Internal Spur Gears:

  • Planetary Gear Systems:
    Internal spur gears find application in planetary gear systems, commonly used in automatic transmissions and robotics. Their compact design allows for a reduction in overall size while maintaining efficient power transmission.

Rack and Pinion Gears:

  • Steering Systems:
    Rack and pinion gears are a fundamental component in automotive steering systems. The rotational motion of the pinion gear is converted into linear motion along the rack, providing a direct and reliable means of steering control.
  • CNC Machines and Robotics:
    In CNC machines and robotics, rack and pinion gears are frequently employed to achieve linear motion. This application is essential in various industries, ensuring accurate and controlled movement in machinery and robotic systems.
Spur gear finds application in various industries, from the automotive sector to machinery, equipment, and even robotics.

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