Worm Gears

Pragati Transmission designs and engineers an extensive range of worm gears, available in different ratios in accordance to individual requirements. Worm gears are usually compact and serve as efficient means of speed reducers in diverse industries. We produce Precision worms for Automatic Slack Adjusters employed in Commercial Vehicles. We use TANGENTIAL HOBBING method for cutting worms for high accuracy & surface finish.

Worm Gears
  • .5 Module to 3.5 Module.
  • Outer diameter from 10 mm to 150 mm".
  • Face widths upto 200 mm"
  • In single or multi starts.
  • In bronze (PB2S), Steel or as specified.
  • Standard and custom made as per specifications, drawing or sample.
  • Worm gears available on very tight delivery schedules.



Worm gears are a type of mechanical gear system that consists of a worm screw and a mating gear, often referred to as a worm wheel or worm gear. The worm screw resembles a threaded rod, while the worm gear has teeth that mesh with the screw's threads. This configuration allows for a compact and high-reduction ratio gear system, where the rotational motion of the worm screw drives the rotation of the worm gear.


Types of Worm Gears:

In a Single-Enveloping worm gear , the worm gear teeth surround the worm screw, providing better contact and load distribution.

Double-enveloping worm gears have a more complex gear tooth shape, with both the worm and worm gear teeth enveloping each other.

In a Non-throated worm gear, the worm gear teeth do not extend beyond the centerline of the worm screw.

Single-thread worm gears have one set of threads on the worm screw, providing a lower gear reduction ratio.

Multi-thread worm gears have multiple sets of threads on the worm screw, offering a higher gear reduction ratio.

Cylindrical worm gears have a cylindrical shape, providing a larger contact area for improved load distribution.

Crossed-axis worm gears have the worm and worm gear positioned at right angles, allowing motion to be transferred between non-parallel shafts.

Helical worm gears combine the features of helical gears with those of worm gears, providing smoother and quieter operation.

Applications of Worm Gear:

  • Worm gears are widely used in Conveyor systems for material handling in industries such as manufacturing, distribution, and logistics.
  • In Aerospace, worm gears are used in systems such as landing gear mechanisms and actuation systems for control surfaces.
  • Worm gears play a crucial role in Robotics for controlling the movement of robot joints.
  • Worm gears are employed in various Heavy machinery applications, including mining equipment, construction machinery and agricultural machinery.
  • Worm gears are utilized in Automotive steering systems to convert the rotational motion of the steering wheel into the lateral movement of the vehicle's wheels.
  • Rolling mills in the Metalworking industry use worm gears for controlling the speed and torque of rollers.
  • Worm gears are utilized in Renewable energy systems, such as wind turbines and solar tracking systems.
  • In Textile machinery, worm gears are used for controlling the movement of spindles and other components.
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