CNC Induction Grinder

We use CNC Angular Wheel Head Grinder for Finish grinding of Diameters & shoulders on Shaft type gears. We focus on dimensional & geometrical accuracies such as roundness, squareness, flatness & surface finish. Our machine is ideally suited for grinding of Pump gears where Diameter & gear width is controlled precisely using in process gauges.

Make Micromatic Grinding
Model eGrind 200 CNC
Swing Diameter 200mm
Admit Between Centers 250mm
Wheel Speed 45M/s
Wheel Dia x Length 500 x 50mm

CNC Induction Grinder

Special Features

  • Angular wheel head to suit shoulder grinding
  • In process gauging for precise control of outside diameters
  • Lateral flagging device for precise control of linear dimensions

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