Skiving of Gears is a newly developed process for finishing Spur & Helical Gears after heat treatment. ( upto 60 HRC Hardness). Hobbed gear is recut using special Carbide Hob thereby removing heat treatment distortion.

Skiving can be considered as superior alternative method of finishing gears by Shaving. As shaving operation is carried out before heat treatment, distortions caused during Heat Treatment can not be corrected. However, it is possible by Skiving.


Skiving can also be considered a cost-effective alternative to Gear Grinding.

Also, it has certain advantages over gear grinding. Generally, during gear grinding, there is a risk of burn marks on the profile as well as miniature surface cracks which are very difficult to detect. Both these defects are eliminated in skiving.
Also, lub oil retaining capacity of skived gears is better than ground gears.

The greatest advantage of skiving is the finishing of the integral pinion on Armature shafts & Gears with shoulders where Gear Grinding is impossible. Skiving is the only solution to finish such components.

We have demonstrated this new process to some of our customers who have now changed over from gear grinding to Skiving.

DIN 6 Quality is achived on skived gears.

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